Recent Developments for A.I.

My last announcement was about publishing, and that was pretty cool. But i’d like to talk about what I’ve done in the time since then.

Approaching Infinity has a Mac Version! I doubted it for a long time, and I’m sure some of you doubted it too, but it exists. It is for kickstarter backers only at this point, but if it becomes stable enough, then it will be more widely released. “Stable enough?”, you ask? Well, it has some issues. For one thing, any image that uses black as a transparent color actually shows up with a big black edge around it. Not a game-ender, but definitely not commercial-grade either. There are also apparently some issues in the Mac version that simply don’t occur in the Windows model. But the game is playable!

Honestly, I find Mac to be a very promising but at the same time very frustrating platform. And I find Objective-C to be an extremely esoteric language that bears no resemblance to anything I’m used to. But I digress.

I’ve gotten more feedback from players since I’ve sent out the 99% complete version to kickstarter backers. Fresh eyes have found some problems that I didn’t know existed. They are now fixed. Thank you.

I’ve also managed to fix a few cosmetic issues lately, and some things that have been nagging at me for months, but i’ve never gotten around to. I’ve spiced up star temples a bit, and now when you “wait”, your engines don’t consume supplies (but your generator still does). I’ve also tweaked the AI behaviors of certain races.

I’ve also been running some simulations for upcoming projects that I want to work on. I’ve done some awesome things with fractal world generation, and learned how to use a game engine called Construct 2.

Soon i will be shifting my focus to fulfillment of kickstarter rewards, such as the full color booklet and the PDF travel guide. The one person who was due to receive a printed copy of the final source code has generously agreed to a digital copy, since the actual source to the game would come out to around 700 pages.

Tomorrow, my family and I are going camping. We’ll sleep in a tent, cook on a fire, and swim in a lake. I used to do this every year, but it has been quite a while. We are all looking forward to it.

When we come home, its straight to work on the official closed beta, which i’m hoping doesn’t take much longer than 2 weeks. The day may come when I hold a boxed copy of Approaching Infinity in my hand. COOL!!!




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