Back From The Woods

Well, I’m back from the family camping trip, and it was fun. I can safely say that my favorite part of camping is the food: fire grilled hamburgers, roasted red peppers and mushrooms, and of course, smores! On Tuesday, I don’t think I operated an electronic device any more complex than a flashlight. It was nice.

But now I’m home, and back to work on Approaching Infinity. Right before I left, I discovered a rather large bug that was previously hidden. It is now fixed. And just today, I discovered something else that had been plaguing the game but was rarely seen. It is also fixed.

The game is so large and complex, with so many different systems interacting. There are bound to be a few issues still to be found.

For anyone who has tried to pursue the Tentaculon quest line, it was broken in the distributed version, and I apologize. It is fixed now, and you will get that soon.

That’s it, back to work!


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