The Joys Of #Gamedev


This morning I decided to add a new alien race to Approaching Infinity. I had been thinking about them for months, letting the ideas coalesce in my mind. But today, I finally just did it. And it only took about an hour, thanks to the modular design of everything. Type the monsters into the file, give them behaviors, and watch them go!

So here we have a Gruff Intimidator chasing off an astral phoenix near a star temple, while I contend with the new race (tentatively called “hostilians”, because you can’t make friends with them!) The big ship spawns suicide bombers that track the player and explode. Eventually you see a big loot drop that includes a cloaking device. Nice!

Super Action Gif

With all the menial work I’ve been doing lately, I had forgotten how exciting it was to add something *new* to the game. It was a great feeling to accomplish something more than moving text around and correcting typos 😉

AI is still under development, and the official beta is going well so far. Lots of little things are getting fixed. Most big issues seem to be solved already, which is great!


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