A New Twist for Approaching Infinity

The Captain Is An Officer!
Why didn’t I think of that?

Yep, kinda like Rocky & Bullwinkle always had two names for every episode, there are two ways to think about this entry. We’re deep into the official beta test, and a lot of good ideas are coming up. But there’s this really big one that I can’t really believe was never put forward before: The captain (the player) should be an officer!

From a game design standpoint, this is huge. It adds a whole new layer of player involvement. It always bugged me a little bit that the player didn’t really have a “character” in Approaching Infinity. You were always just this nebulous entity known as “the captain”. But now, thanks to some brilliant beta testers, the captain is now an actual part of the game, able to level up and gain skills, and also to take the risk of joining the away team at will. Kirk would be proud. (Riker would quote regulations…)

And while this technically adds very little new functionality, I believe it’s a great idea that really should have been done long ago. You have an avatar in the game. Something to relate to. And you start with an officer, and a free skill of your choice.

captain customization screenAnd of course there’s other cool stuff coming out of the beta. There are now 50 officer skills, and over 90 effects that artifacts can have. If you’re deep in a cave, and have enough oxygen, you can now auto-exit to the surface. The age-old issue of “why can’t I land my shuttle anywhere?” has been re-addressed with a new device and skill that allows the previous method of random landing spots. Your landing party can even drop their “large item” if they see something better.

There’s also a way to track your achievements, as well as a new in-game statistics screen:

long awaited info screenApproaching Infinity’s first birthday is coming up!

I started coding 08/22/13 …

What should I do to celebrate?





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