Publishing, Part 2

A few months back I announced that I had found a publisher for Approaching Infinity. I’ve never worked with a publisher before, so I had a crazy mix of emotions and thoughts. Now I think we’re nearing the end of the official beta, and I can tell you a little bit about my experiences . Hopefully none of this violates my NDA 😉

First, I think Shrapnel is a really good match for me. I remain in charge of my game, and that’s a great feeling. I have not had anything ‘imposed’ on me. I always imagined being ‘beholden’ to some tight schedule and rigid rules, but at every step, I’ve been pretty much in control. And yet that little bit of oversight really does keep me on track.

Next, we’ve had a ton of great suggestions come out of the official beta, and that has made the game better all around. Some things its just amazing that they were never thought of before. Some things I can’t believe were still broken! And knowing that there is a purpose to the whole process makes it harder for me to ignore little stuff. Which is good, cuz that’s something I do 😉

One of the reasons I wanted to partner with someone in the first place is because I am not a salesman or a P.R. person. You may know that about me. I’m a creative person, a game designer, and a coder. I really enjoy creating mathematical representations of complex systems. Wow. I really don’t enjoy telling people why they should buy my game. To me, it’s self-explanatory. So it’s nice to have someone whose specialty is exactly that. And 15 years of experience 😉

I certainly can’t speak for every publisher out there, but I’m quite happy with my experience so far. Once press, pre-sales and royalties start coming in, I expect to have a third post on the topic. But for now, know that it’s been a very good experience 😉




2 thoughts on “Publishing, Part 2

  1. I follow a very long time your blog. Is it still possible to join the beta? Of course, for an appropriate price via Paypal. Best regards from Germany.

    • My friend, thanks for reading! I am sorry, the beta is closed. I can not “sell” access to it.
      We will very soon have a finished product (within a month or two I think…really the waiting is crazy).

      Suffice to say, the game is much better than any previous version given to the public.

      There will be a free demo to look forward to as well.

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