Announcing Approaching Infinity!

The impending release of Approaching Infinity has been announced by Shrapnel Games!

AI Space Boat

Reminds me of an Atari cartridge…

Those of you who missed the Kickstarter and early access on finally have some hope: you can pre-order it now, at a discount! You can also try the free demo, for PC or Mac. If you don’t know what Approaching Infinity is, you can read all about it right here. And, if you’re already playing the game, and what to talk about it, we now have a public forum!

Want the short version? “Approaching Infinity is a strategic space adventure with classical rogue-like gameplay and a friendly modern interface. It features a never-ending array of monsters, quests, and loot, set in a rich assortment of outer-space environments. No item or monster level cap allows for infinite play, while 9 distinct paths to victory present the player with ample goals to pursue.”



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