Approaching Infinity (Projected) Release Date!

Gold Date

I now have an official date to deliver the finished code for manufacturing, and release has been announced for Mid-December!


But before that, I must deliver the raw text for the manual. This Thursday is the deadline. Currently, the manual stands at over 13,000 words! Incredible… There is so much to know about this game, so much to understand, so much to do. And the manual goes into detail about everything. Don’t understand he crafting system? You will. Need device advice? You’ll have it. What do all those little letters and numbers mean? It’s in there.

Home Stretch Progress

There have been a lot of cosmetic changes made, even since the demo. Shipwrecks have new walls, and planets are much more interesting on the space map. The commodity pricing system has been remodeled and fleshed out. A new kind of quest has been added, as well as a new class of planet: the dying world. This is a planet in the midst of a cataclysmic collapse. Lava boils on the radioactive surface and rock formations crumble at the slightest provocation.

First Big Update Planned

There are a lot of great ideas that just aren’t going to make it into the release version of the game. And that’s fine, because we plan to update it! Approaching Infinity will continue to evolve with the player community over the coming years. And once people get into modding the game, there’s just no telling what you might find!

The update I’m most excited about right now is discovering pre-space-flight civilizations on planets, and all the interactions that could come from that. Also be on the lookout for a tenth victory condition!

Amazing New Shipwreck sample

New Shipwreck Walls

i think that might be cool

New Planet Pics

surface of a dying planet

Surface of a Dying Planet

Commod Price Demo 4 - even more chaos

A look at the “predictable randomness” of the new commodities model. Note that ‘time’ is measured in hundreds of turns, so that changes do not occur this fast. This demonstration does not take into account your actions or the global economic events, both of which have in-game effects.

The time to pre-order and save is running out…look at this quote from the forum:

“After playing the demo for 15 hours, I went ahead and pre-ordered the boxed version of the game.”

Visit Shrapnel games today and pick up your copy of Approaching Infinity!


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