Procedural Modifications

Approaching Infinity is an exercise in procedural generation, but it also contains pre-designed levels that may be encountered from time to time. Since the game prides itself on being unpredictable, it has ways of altering familiar areas. For example, a shipwreck I recently boarded, called ‘The Content Devourer”.

DOCKED with the content devourer

First off, I’m not sure if the ship is ‘happy to eat things’, or it specifically ‘eats content’, but like a lot of things, it’s name is up for interpretation.

So, I’m pretty sure I designed that hull myself, but there are a lot of ships in the game that were designed by players, using the free shipwreck editor.

I got a basic hull design, and decided to fill it with transuranium (a valuable trade commodity). I placed 12 eyeball enemies symmetrically around the place, and was done with it. So where did all that other stuff come from?! Let’s take a look

First off, look at those walls! Shipwrecks are designed with the basic boring metal walls, but the game chooses one of 20 tile-sets when it renders during play. Then it looks like the game replaced about half of the transuranium with supply barrels. It can change just about anything if it feels like it. The ship failed the check to have any ‘damaged sections’, because i can see there are no holes in the walls.

What it did do (and very appropriately) is add large patches of radiation. It also scattered some short-circuits around the map (a kind of proximity trap). Apparently there weren’t enough monsters, because I can see some zombies and sponges have been added. Finally, a single box-of-boxes and a medkit were added, along with a couple lockers.

All of this is done to every shipwreck level, and similar things are done to the other types. Even if you’ve been to the same kind of area a hundred times, it will present new challenges. And this doesn’t even demonstrate all the possibilities. It doesn’t have any laser-gates, or force-field treasure rooms. You’ll have to find those yourself.


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