Upgrade to Version 1.1.0


Approaching Infinity update 1.1.0 (WIN) (MAC) has been released! It’s got new monsters, items, and planets. It’s got bug fixes. It’s even got some minor tweaks and major ease-of-use modifications! You can see all the changes here.

I originally thought this would take about a week. The reason for that is because I never stopped working on the game! The day after the gold date, back in November 2014, I was right back at it, working on updating the tooltip system. Most of the changes were either done or at least outlined by the time we started talking about an official update.

It took over a month. It’s sad to get a concrete idea of how long things actually take. Four times as long as I think. A lot of little new things came up during that time. I’d push out a new version, say, “hey, we’re done!”, and then something else new would come in. Totally understandable really, with such a big game, with so many little nooks and crannies, so many different ways to play.

Last year at this time, I was just getting officers and crafting into the game. Amazing! Those two systems are totally integral to mid- and late-game play now. I remember those being difficult. I also remember meeting my time estimates on those. I can still be proud of that. So maybe sometimes, it’s not so bad šŸ™‚

Anyway, The update is available here. You can get the details, as well as an overview of the game, or even a free demo, all on the same page (downloads are on the right side).

What’s next? Well… The next Approaching Infinity update will include a lot more new gameplay. New quests, new devices, and possibly some entirely new systems, some of which have been suggested on the forums.

I am almost ready to announce the next big step in the AI universe… But before I do that, know that today I outlined the official (“Canon”) story for what happens after Approaching Infinity. There are 12 races, each with their own story. How do those play out? It is possible to win the game by completing 8 of those race’s quest lines. But not all of them are compatible. For some of them, trying to play a game in the world they create would be basically impossible.

Also, I’m working on another small project right now that has nothing to do with Approaching Infinity. Not quite ready to announce that one either. But I’m working with a new artist and musician on that one, and it’s based on something I’ve been trying to do for most of my programming life… it will be a totally different experience.

I will leave you with a new “canyon planet”:

Canyon Example


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