#7DRL 2015: My 5th 7-day rogue-like!

That’s right, the 11th annual rogue-like game jam is here! This will be my 5th year participating.

My previous successes include:

  • Destiny of Heroes (a very traditional roguelike)
  • The Well Of Enchantments (an exploration of the super-class)
  • 88 Pages (a quick puzzle rogue-like)
  • (Eden Sector, which has been taken down at the request of Shrapnel Games, because of its direct similarity to Approaching Infinity)

This year, I really wasn’t planning on doing anything. I’m already pretty busy with Approaching Infinity and XenoBloom 🙂 But I just can’t bring myself to stop my streak. I love making games.

So this year, I’m trying to go super-simple. All on one screen, no inventory, only 7 commands (4 for movement and 3 for rotation!), and lots of time for balance and polish. I’m also trying to make it something that I don’t have to absolutely obsess over…

I’ve got 3 pages of notes written down, and I haven’t started coding yet. That will either be later today, or possibly tomorrow. I have also enlisted the graphical services of my long time partner in crime, David Gervais.

My wife and I just started a new game of Dungeons & Dragons Heroes, and it has been a LONG TIME since we really played video games together, so I’m going to spend some happy time with her doing that. Then I will start my 7DRL. Really, I will.

Oh, and there’s the time change tonight… Don’t want to lose that hour, so I’d better start officially on Sunday…yeah, Sunday!



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