Speaking @ IRDC 2015

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I have been asked to speak about Approaching Infinity at IRDC 2015 (International Roguelike Developers Conference).

I said yes!

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Then I Freaked Out

Most people don’t know this about me, but I work a very low-income job. Attending this conference will take about 10% of my family’s savings. But since I am working hard at turning game development into my full-time career, I think it’s a worthwhile investment. It’s also good experience for GDC, Pax, and other future game conferences.

I started a small crowdfunding campaign to get me safely to IRDC. Kickstarter does not allow this type of campaign (it has to be a “project”). I was going to try IndieGoGo, but I discovered that GoFundMe gets about 3x the traffic, so I decided to try something new.

What will I be talking about? “Infinite Gameplay” of course! How I approached it (ha ha), the challenges I faced, what I did right, and what I learned from it.

If you can, please donate. Even $5 will help. That’s a meal at Wendy’s if it comes down to it. If you can’t help financially, please share my page’s link: http://www.gofundme.com/rn423k8

I am still working on Approaching Infinity update 1.15 (The 2nd update), which will add lots of fun new features. Target release date is early June (but maybe we can have it coincide with IRDC).

Another fun thing in the works is Approaching Infinity T-Shirts… I know I’m going to be wearing one 🙂

app inf shirt


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