AI T-shirts, #IRDC, and Update 1.15

(This is my most recently-posted Kickstarter update, pasted here for all the world to see…It’s good news!)

Approaching Infinity T-shirts are finally available! $17.00 , high-quality materials and screenprinting by teespring, in several different styles, on sale for 2 weeks:

Next, I will be speaking at the International Roguelike Developers Conference (IRDC), May 30th, in Atlanta Georgia. My topic will be “Infinite Gameplay”, and I’ll outline some of the ways I tried to tackle that issue with AI. IRDC is the reason I’m having the shirts made 🙂

 Also speaking will be Jim Shepard, Jeff Lait, Brian Bucklew, Eben Howard, Cameron Kunzelman, and many more! It’s people you know from the roguelike community, actually being located in a physical place. It’s going to be awesome, and you should come too!

Finally, in just a few days, Approaching Infinity 1.15 will go into beta, for a thorough testing of all the recent additions, before it goes public in early June. Some of the larger changes include: “Racial Shipwrecks”, new cave and planet generators, the ability to change your officers’ faces and uniforms, 5 new officer skills, 15 new artifact effects, and the fact that when your officers become injured, they will be removed from the away team until they heal!

Thanks as always, check out the shirts, and I hope to see you at IRDC!



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