Summer #Gamedev

SO what have I been doing this summer?

Well, at the end of May, I went to IRDC, and you can hear my talk about Infinite Gameplay [HERE] . You can also check out all the other great stuff that happened there, too!

During June, I prepared the next update for Approaching Infinity (version 1.20), and we finally
got it out to the public in July. You can get that [here] for free, if you already own the game.

In July, I dealt with all the business stuff involved with getting a game on Steam.
Then I started the actual work of getting XenoBloom ready for release.
All that is left is to make a really good trailer video. I plan on the Steam release of XenoBloom to happen in early September, but it might come earlier.


In August, I started work on a new game! It’s a real-time space strategy game, based on something I made 5 years ago.
I plan to make it super awesome… You can see the first screenshot of it right here.

Please note that this is all PLACE-HOLDER ARTWORK!

ssrts SS-1


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