“Not Your Space” Announcement

A fast-paced sci-fi real time strategy game set in the over-populated galactic core, designed to let you play any way you want. Challenging, Fun, Gameplay++

“Not Your Space” is on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight right now!

After a thousand years of space exploration, Humanity has finally arrived at the galactic core. But instead of a rich expanse of planets, we found an interstellar battleground, overrun by warring alien species. In order to survive, we must conquer!

Desktop Prob Best

In a basic game, you will colonize new planets, build up your fleet, fight huge space battles, and invade or eradicate your enemy’s worlds.

options gif

In a more complex game, you can choose options like diplomacy, research, resource gathering, and ship design.

In all games, you have a vast array of minor options that can effect the game in surprising ways.

selectable options

When fully funded, Not Your Space will have a beautiful orchestral soundtrack (composed by Devin Vibert, who you know from XenoBloom), and an amazing and unique hand-drawn art style:ships1_color

Every kickstarter pledge, greenlight vote, tweet, re-tweet, and blog post is greatly appreciated. Please help spread the word about Not Your Space!


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