#Gamedev Milestones, Emotions, and Let’s Play!

Hi, everyone, thanks for being here! I was planning on taking Sunday off from updates, but I never got around to it yesterday, so here we are 😉


There is now enough funding to cover the most important part of the art: spaceships and planets for the five races. Wonderful! But since Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing platform, it won’t count unless we can get more backers. Please share the campaign (and see below). Here’s a reminder of the high-quality art we’ll be using:


Running a Kickstarter campaign is very demanding, and not just in any of the obvious ways. I go to bed late because I’m working on promotion. Then I wake up earlier than I should, because I want to check and see if there are any new pledges. I try to stay in bed, but my mind races…

Every time someone backs the project, I get happy. It’s automatic, it genuinely feels good. And the more time passes between pledges, the more down I get. It is seriously an emotional rollercoaster.

Luckily, I am maintaining a positive attitude. I have faith in “Not Your Space“, and in you, too!


I’d like to perform an experiment, and reward you all for participating. Get on twitter and re-tweet THIS.

When it hits 50 retweets, I will announce a new exclusive perk that applies to ALL backers. The faster we get there, the sooner I’ll be able to introduce a new reward. (it doesn’t have to be just backers who RT).

“What kind of reward?” you ask. Well, I do have something in mind, but I will also take suggestions.


I recently recorded a Let’s Play video of a 7-minute basic game of NYS. I give a lot of advice, and you can see for yourself how easy it is to manipulate time.

Keep in mind, if you’re looking for more of a challenge,  that I’m playing the alpha demo, and I chose only one option. You could easily play a much more complicated and difficult game. Download it!


I will be on Indie Game Magazine webseries  “Average Giants”. The guys will be playing Not Your Space, and we’ll talk about it. If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to see what’s up, stop by and chat!

Monday, 10pm EST


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