Progress, Interview, and NO DRM!

(This is a copy of my latest kickstarter update for "Not Your Space", a fast-paced customizable real-time strategy game for Windows)


A few days ago, I said I wanted to add five new options by the end of the week. So far, I’ve added eight!

I think “tough defenders”, “all large planets”, and all planets owned” are self-explanatory, and I talked about “giant dreadnoughts” in a previous update.

“Cumulative costs” increases the cost of each new ship, according to how many you already have. “Favorite ships” gives each race a 25% discount in wealth, pop, and resources when building a single pre-determined type of ship.

You can’t see it here, but I’ve also added a “distance between systems” setting to the map options screen, as was suggested by one of you lovely people! Thanks 🙂

Much of this should be available in the revised demo, which might be coming monday-ish… (could I be less specific?)


After reading some articles by Wayward Strategist and the senior designer of Grey Goo, I started work on some ways to slow down progression in Not Your Space. None of these changes will be forced upon you (they’ll be options!), but they’ll be there if you want them.

For one thing, I’ve implemented an option that makes it so you can only build one ship at each planet an any given time. This in itself slows things down, and makes your choices much more significant.

But I intend to take it further: I have conceived of some optional “structures” (like buildings). Each of them has four levels, requiring increasing amounts of wealth to construct.

Shipyards need to be built on a planet before you can build ships. Three new kinds of ship are unlocked at each level, except for level 4, which unlocks dreadnoughts, making those heavy ships even more of an investment.

If you choose “Research Labs“, then they must be built before you gain any research points from a planet. Each level increases the amount of research points generated. Of course this only works if you choose “research” as an option in the first place.

Building “Planetary Mining” facilities will increase the amount of resources generated by a planet in a resource game. Higher levels yield higher rewards, possibly eventually equaling or surpassing the effectiveness of space-mining efforts.

This will take some development time, and also a new set of graphics, so I have no specific timeline on adding structures to the game.


Most kickstarter campaigns experience reduced action in the middle… they call it “The Slump”. Your project isn’t “new” anymore, and it’s also not “ending soon”… It’s just “there”.

I could really use your help in getting through this period. Tell your friends, family, and steam friends. Vote yes on greenlight. Post on twitter, facebook, reddit, instagram, whatever it is you do.


As soon as I launched the Kickstarter for Not Your Space, I was approached for an interview by a writer from GameSkinny. The results are finally up here. There is definitely some information there that you haven’t heard anywhere else. I go in depth about the planned AI system, and talk a little about the history of the game as well.

There has also been a nice short piece about the game published by +10 to Fire Resist, calling for other developers to give players such a wide range of options. (Just don’t do it before I’m done!)


I wrote this at the bottom of the Kickstarter page, but I know not everyone reads everything. So here it is:


This is specifically in reference to my previous Kickstarter game Approaching Infinity, which was picked up by Shrapnel Games after spending more than a year in Greenlight, to no avail. When I knew Shrapnel, they were great, so I was very excited. But the world has moved on from their old-school practices, and although I love the fact that my game comes in a box with a printed manual and pretty DVD, there’s no way I would go down that road again in this video-game-climate.

So fear not!

Also, help me make it through greenlight in less than a year, wink wink 😉




3 thoughts on “Progress, Interview, and NO DRM!

  1. Would Shrapnel allow you to patch out the DRM from Approaching Infinity, or can you release a DRM-free version of AI using Humble Widget or GOG at a $20 price point?

    I think you’d generate a surprising amount of sales that way.

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