Why #Gamedev ?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted in this blog, and even longer since I’ve really posted about actual *design*, instead of just updates on my various games and projects.

So before I get back into it, I want to take a step back and look at what “game development” really means to me.

First and foremost, my involvement in game development is about creativity. I am absolutely driven to make things. I have ideas. Pages and pages of them. I feel like I could make a game out of anything.

Next, I like to solve problems. I really enjoy saying, “This is what I want to happen, how do I make the computer do that?”. I like to code. Always have.

Finally, I LOVE number systems. Numbers are at the heart of every game: how fast do I move, how many hit points do I have versus how much damage that monster is going to do to me. Economic rates and technology costs and crafting recipes and oxygen consumption. NUMBERS!

Those three things are why I love procedural generation so much. I need to figure out how to use math to create things, like trees, map, bugs, spaceships, etc. I love procgen!

After that, everything else is really secondary to me. I value gameplay over graphics, so I’ve never been overly interested in flashy presentation. I’ve been told “gameplay is cheap”, but I often see complaints about pretty games that aren’t actually games. Business and marketing concerns have always been near the bottom of my list, even though they are absolutely necessary to (the more commonly accepted definitions of) success.

I’m not suggesting that anyone follow my lead. I’m just taking a (public) look at what I do and *why* I do it. I’m saying there is nothing inherently wrong with my approach, but I will also say that it’s not necessarily the best route for financial success 😉


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