Yendor And 7DRL

The last time I posted about “The Curse Of Yendor”, it had just been revealed. Now, it’s 2 weeks after the Steam Launch! The reviews are just what I was hoping for: it’s a streamlined classical roguelike with a lot of depth and challenge. And it’s ADDICTING!


Today, I am getting ready to start my 7th Seven Day Rogue Like game jam. It was 7DRL that really taught me how to finish a game, and I have done it every year since.

This time, I’m working with writer Matthew Ritter who created a deep backstory for a wild-west roguelike set on an alien planet. This will be our proof-of-concept for continuing to work on the game. The 7DRL version is called “Dead Horizons RL“.

The prototype will focus on cover-based ranged combat, something seen in very few true roguelikes. But we’ve been hashing out the design for a few weeks, and I believe we have something great. Time will tell… seven days to be exact!

Here’s the opening story:

It’s a harsh world of desert, dust, and sadness.
If the sun and the sand don’t kill you,
the blood vultures and water poachers will.
You’re the last survivor of the town of Prospect.
Corpses behind you, Dowser’s Bible in hand,
You must make it back to civilization.
Even if everywhere you look…
…are dead horizons.

I’m going to start later today, wish me luck šŸ™‚




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