7DRL 2017 : Day 1

Dead Horizons 7DRL

OK, I have a few minutes before I go to my night job, so I’m taking a second to show my day 1 progress. Here’s the log, as it happened:

  •  started very late in the day on Sunday, 3/5/17, at 5:49pm EST
  •  imported my usual functions: sprite and text makers, math/dista/rand funcs, etc.
  •  imported Matthew’s art , bugged him for MORE!
  •  took a family walk
  •  took the bike rack off my wife’s car and crushed my fingertip
  •  went back to work anyway!
  •  set up a *LOT* of data types and function outlines
  •  created a terrain file for some basic desert land types, and loaded its data
  •  created a message log
  •  got some basic texts displayed on the screen
  •  created a huge item file, and got 10 basic items (hat, pistol, etc.), and loaded it
  •  created a monster data type
  •  imported a LOS function which i originally ported from rogue basin



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