7DRL 2018: Purge Persist Profit!



Seven Day Rogue Like has come and gone, and I’ve got another new game to show for it: “Purge, Persist, and Profit!”.


This sci-fi rogue-like runner has you managing your oxygen every step of the way on a toxic bug-infested planet as you try to earn a promotion at Exo-Purge Inc., the leader in galactic extermination.


nice shot

Did you bring enough Bug-B-Dead?

The really cool feature of this game is that it anonymously tracks all players’ progress in categories like bugs killed, kilometers traveled, CEO runs, and more. Then, the company’s home office sends you funding based on community milestones.

More players killing more bugs means more funding for everyone!

And what do you do with this money? Outfit your character for their next run. So you can kill more bugs, make more money, establish more bases, and do it all again.


Global Stats, Outfitting screen, In-Game help

The game features stylish pixel art from renowned artist Jean-Marc Vaatstra (“Cablenexus”), and an atmospheric soundtrack by NZM’s in-house composer, Sid Quinsaat. I feel like this was my best 7DRL experience yet, everything came together so well.

Get Purge Persist & Profit free for PC on itch.io or Android devices on Google Play. Both are currently the 7DRL version, unchanged since the competition ended.



Cable and I plan to bring a more robust version of the game to Steam, featuring many new ecosystems and enemies, more community goals, and improved user interface and display. You can expect to see this in mid-to-late 2018.



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