I Quit!

In 2019, I quit indie video game development.

I had some moderate success over the years, but it was taking all my time, causing me a lot of stress, and returning little in the way of tangible reward. (If you read the posts before this one, you’ll see the last game I didn’t finish: Void Agent. It was right up my alley, but the execution was off; my heart wasn’t in it, and I was exhausted.) I even stopped doing 7 day rogue-like, which I had completed 8 years in a row…

So I spent a year getting much more in touch with my family, being more ‘present’. Every time my wife and kids did something, I went with them. On the weekend, instead of spending the first 5 hours of the day on the computer, I hung out with my family. It was awesome! Honestly, I felt a lot better.

I ended up getting a lot more exercise too, and that’s GREAT for me (and you too, probably!). But I didn’t have a dedicated creative outlet…

So fast forward from there, to mid-March 2020: the Coronavirus is starting to seem real (but we don’t know just how big of a threat it is yet), life is looking crazy, and my wife and kids are about to be home 24/7 in lockdown.

I get an email from Shrapnel Games (Approaching Infinity’s publisher), saying they want to settle up.

Approaching Infinity is my flagship game. The truest expression of my creative spirit. There’s a 99% chance that A.I. is the reason you’re reading this right now.

I took the chance.

And since April, I’ve been right back in the coding swing. I love it. The game has come a long way. And thanks to my continued partnership with artist David Gervais, Approaching Infinity has gone from a little 1024×768 box on your desktop to full-screen 1080p glory!

I’ve already introduced a lot of new content, big and small, and fixed some of the sins of the past. For instance, did you know that before, you could only save the game in space? So if you were exploring a planet, or better yet a deep cave, you had to make it back to your ship just to save the game. Bad me. Now it’s fixed: you can save wherever!

But now, Approaching Infinity is coming to Steam. It’s what I wanted from the beginning, but back then, it wasn’t up to me. (Do you remember Steam Greenlight?) It releases in early access August 7th, 2020. (8/8 is “Infinity Day”, so the day before is obviously “Approaching Infinity Day” 😁

I chose early access because I think there are still some issues lurking, and I need more eyes on the project to get them fixed before the official release.

And what about my family? Well, they’re still home due to Coronavirus and summer vacation. Now I wake up 3 hours early so I can get my coding work done in the morning, and I still spend lots of time with them 🙂

Take care!


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