This page is dedicated to the awesome people I’ve met along the way. Check out their work too! (I still have a LOT to add.)



Rogue Basin

Temple of The Roguelike





One thought on “Links

  1. Bob Saunders:

    I’ve looked and looked and can’t find your email address.

    Just got Approaching Infinity a few days ago. It’s GREAT! I’ve been playing roguelikes since Rogue itself in the early 1980s and I’ve even programmed one myself. But yours is the all-time greatest. It is a fantastic blend of space adventure, roguelike, RPG, and strategy. I’m going to go bankrupt since I’m ignoring my law practice to play it. Up to sector 20 in my current game with an infinite number of things to do. Good job!–Bruce Hake, Maryland
    P.S. I sent a rave review to PC Gamer Magazine and they’re going to cover it.

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