Feature List

Current as of Beta 06, 6/28/14

  • Select a ship and venture into unknown space
  • visit planets, shipwrecks, star temples, ruined cities, space stations, and alien embassies
  • Find, buy, and sell new ship parts, devices, and powerful rare artifacts
  • complete both randomly generated and hand crafted quests
  • procedurally generated environments, with over 30 different generation algorithms
  • Hire officers and choose their skills when they level up
  • 70 devices and 53 skills
  • Encounter over 95 monster types
  • 8 victory conditions active
  • Trade “commodities” in the old “space trader” vein
  • Escape dire situations by the skin of your teeth (or experience the pain of perma-death!)
  • Infinite Play! No sector or item level cap.
  • In-game tutorial and help
  • An achievement system complete with rewards
  • Full modding support



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