xeno archaeologist

This page is dedicated to all the people who have found Firaxughinian Artifacts in Approaching Infinity, and sent me a screen shot!  If you want your name changed to something else, just let me know!

  • Peter von Kleinsmid
  • Ben Groves
  • Damien Saunders
  • Gorka Lopez Garcia
  • James Barry
  • Robert Egglestone
  • Matt Chelen
  • Sebastian Weber
  • Christopher Bortz
  • Georg Pichler
  • Xifeng Alpha
  • Mark Shuttleworth
  • Filip Leino
  • Nick Cescon
  • Nick Manning
  • Lee Barnett
  • Scout Manhattan Howard
  • Captain Arias
  • Spocker2
  • French gui
  • Daryll Decius
  • Barry Pitcher
  • Björn  von der Osten
  • Jim Shepard
  • James Shewmaker
  •  Simon Westley
  • Andrew Styles
  • Ginger Dragon
  • George Tucker
  • Andrea Ciaramella

Keep those screenshots coming! (someone is on this list twice…do you know who?)

Bjorns pic

For those who don’t know, Artifacts provide effects just like devices, but their power is automatic and constant. Firax Artifacts are highly prized throughout the galaxy, but sometimes its best to keep them for yourself. But beware: some artifacts have negative powers! If your supplies are running out to fast, or your crew are dying mysteriously, you’ll want to sell that new artifact immediately!


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