Approaching Infinity



A strategic retro space exploration game in the spirit of Elite, Starflight, and EGA Trek, set in a hostile, infinite universe, with an emphasis on fun and a strong classical roguelike background!


  • Select a ship and venture into unknown space
  • visit planets, shipwrecks, star temples, ruined cities, space stations, and alien embassies
  • Find, buy, and sell new ship parts, devices, and powerful rare artifacts
  • complete both randomly generated and hand crafted quests
  • procedurally generated environments, with over 30 different generation algorithms
  • Hire officers and choose their skills when they level up
  • 70 devices, 50 skills, and 98 effects
  • Encounter 99 monster types!
  • 9 victory conditions active
  • Trade commodities in the old “space trader” vein
  • Escape dire situations by the skin of your teeth.
  • Infinite Play! No sector or item level cap.
  • In-game tutorial and help
  • An achievement system complete with rewards
  • Full modding support
  • Selectable difficulty and perma-death!

i think that might be cool

Check out this in depth interview with Retro Game Geeks!

Approaching Infinity has been in development since July 2013. I’ve been working late nights and weekends, and my progress has been amazing. I’ve been making games for 11 years, and for me, this is “The One”!

Thanks to Zach Long for producing the final kickstarter video, and to Zabutom for lending a bit of his music to the beginning. Thanks to Ectogemia for letting me use his track “Conspire” in the trailer, and also for creating the Original Sound Track for Approaching Infinity!

Amazing New Shipwreck sample

Published by Shrapnel Games, Inc.



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