Dead Horizons #7DRL

Dead Horizons was my seventh consecutive 7DRL success, and the most complex game I’ve done for the jam in years. But I also had help: the game is set in a world created by Matthew Ritter, and he also did the art, and the semi-procedural soundtrack was composed by Nick A. Day.

It’s a cover-based shooter with a sci-fi western feel. It’s also a true rogue-like 😉

It wasn’t until the final day that you could actually win or lose, but that first time that I started a game, died, and immediately played again, that was when I shouted in room:


  • Take the Dowser’s Bible back to civilization
  • Explore deserts, ghost towns, canyons, and strange underground caches
  • Rich background story, slowly revealed
  • Fight or avoid dust cats, slobots,  and blood vultures
  • Use a variety of unique weapon types
  • Watch enemies run for cover when they see you!
  • Dress yourself up in fancy western clothes
  • Procedural soundtrack
  • No leveling up…

Ghost Town Ambush

Download “Dead Horizons 7DRL


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